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The Carver Museum is a privately managed institution that depends primarily on the support of its visitors, donors and partners to remain open and free to the public. Though there is no charge for admission, your donation will play a key role in ensuring we remain open and with free admission for all our visitors. 

Phoenix Colored Union High School Class of 1948

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Celebrating Over 90 Years of Service

The Carver Museum has been and will continue to be a positive force for diversity and inclusion within Arizona and beyond. For nearly twenty years we have provided educational opportunities to the community. We recently took significant measure to broaden our cross-cultural ventures and expand community partnerships to ultimately present an extensive offering of programs that edify, educate and entertain. 

Our Mission

George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center is a premier cultural institution that is the steward of the African American experience in Phoenix. The museum and cultural center honors African American Heritage, Arts & Culture. Our vision for the George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center supports four core principles:

Integrity: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center conducts its business with the highest standards of ethical practice and transparency. The museum is dedicated to the continual improvement of community education addressing Literacy, STEAM, History, Health and Wellness initiatives.

Stewardship: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center values collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting evidence of the African American experience in the city of Phoenix and state of Arizona. The museum promotes and protects the cultural and artistic treasures of the African American community with the utmost care and respect.

Education and Research: George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center seeks to inspire people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to explore and discover the important role of African Americans in shaping the history of Arizona. The museum provides the most current educational and media-rich resources related to the African American experience.

Gathering Place: The historical facility promotes a sense of community and local station for Discussion Forums, Educational Services, and a myriad of Community Events.

Adopted by the Board of Directors In 2015

Our Board

Princess E. Crump
Henry Watkins
Vice President
Joseph Benesh
Brenda Thomson
Lois Brown
Gene Fortenberry
Roberto Frietz
Chad Gestson
Jerald Goode
Michael Neal

Our Team

Paul Alan Taliercio
Resident Curator

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